Dominica Citizenship

Dominica Citizenship

The Dominica Citizenship programme was introduced in 1993 by the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Their citizenship by investment programme is one of the longest-running economic citizenship programmes in the world.

Being highly experienced and efficient in processing applications, Dominica offers one of the most affordable routes to full, legal citizenship of any citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean.


The Commonwealth of Dominica has carved its niche among the countries that offer their economic citizenship allowing passport holders visa-free entry to the UK, EU, and Schengen Area countries (as well as Singapore & Hong Kong) while enjoying the benefits of the Dominica tax system.

Other Benefits

  • Average citizenship usually obtained in less than 3 months.
  • Citizenship of a British Commonwealth country.
  • Visa Free Travel to over 120 countries including Schengen Countries and the UK.
  • Dependent children under 30 & dependent parent over 55 can be included.
  • No physical residence requirement during or after the application process.
  • No interview required.
  • Successful applicants enjoy full citizenship for life.

We offer information about the acquisition of Dominica citizenship or any other country’s second citizenship, either by investing in real estate or donating to a government fund that provides passports in exchange for foreign investment.

Our team of Immigration experts are waiting to assist individuals and their families, who are looking for better tax optimization opportunities and ways to expand their travel freedom.  Contact us today let’s discuss your options.

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