Starting A Business In UAE – What You Should Know


A brand is an observation related to a business’ administration or item. This recognition cuts across the entire range of the business. It reaches out to client benefit, client encounter, visuals, values, statement of purpose, and sentiments or feelings gotten from utilising a product or services. A decent brand appreciates clients’ dependability. This appreciation births a continuous business dealing and, in turn, tells on the success of the business.

Having said this, it’s important to take note of the following core points when deciding to start up a business in Dubai.

1. What Will Be The Activities Of Your Business In UAE ?

The answer to this question shall determine the proper location for the company and whether the company requires approvals from the government authorities or not. In case there is any approval required, the time frame for establishing such a business increases to some extent.

2. Where Are The Majority Of Customers Based?

The answer to this question helps in determining a suitable location as per the scope of work; if the majority of customers of a company are outside UAE, then it is suitable to open a company in the free zone, whereas if the majority of customers of a company are inside Dubai than it is suitable to open a company in Mainland.

3. Which Area In UAE Is Most Suitable For The Business Growth?

Although UAE is perceived to be small yet there are many areas to do certain businesses and grow without stress, but again it depends on the activities the prospective business would be engaged in. Generally speaking, if the activities of the company shall be mostly done internationally, then it is advisable to go for free trade zone area, but if the activities are to be performed within the UAE territory and mainly in the Mainland area, then it is always advisable to go with establishing the business in the Mainland area.

4. Are You Planning To Conduct Your Business Through Partners, Agents In The UAE Or Sell Your Product / Services Directly To Local Companies In The UAE?

The answer to this question helps in determining a suitable location as per the scope of work. If the plan is to conduct business in UAE, i.e., sell products or services, through partners, agents in the UAE, then it is suitable to open a company in the free zone, whereas, if the plan is to conduct business in UAE, i.e., sell products or services, directly to local companies in UAE, then it is suitable to open a company in Mainland.

5. Between Mainland Area Or Free Zone Area, Which One Is Better?

The answer to this question depends on the available budget of the person concerned. Of course, the free zones are cheaper than Mainland, involves 100% ownership and several other benefits, but there are some restrictions imposed on the free zones with regards to their activities, such as, a free zone company must appoint a local mainland authorised distributor to sell their products into Mainland.

6. How Many Shareholders’ Will Be There?

The answer still references the core of any business, which is the activities of the business in UAE. Suppose the activity of the company is commercial and not professional, then we suggest going for a Limited liability license under which there can be a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders. If the activity of the business in UAE falls under professional, there can be one shareholder.

7. How Many Staff Can Be Employed In The First 12-24 Months And What’s The Initial Number Of Visa Available?

In UAE, the visa requirements are proportionate to the size of the office space. The number of staff determines the office space the business in UAE would require. The office space is allotted proportionally to the number of employees of the company. The important point here to be noted is that the companies in the free zones can have their office space within their free zone area only.

8. What Kind Of Office Space Or Warehouse Will Be Sufficient For Carrying On Business?

This again depends upon the business activity and how many visa’s a company has to undertake. In UAE, the size of the office space goes proportional to the visa requirements. For example: where a business in UAE has a Flexi desk office with two visas and is looking to have more visas, then in such case, its office space shall be increased. Generally speaking of offices in Dubai, for 50 sq. ft. of area, a person is authorised to take one visa.

9. How To Open A Bank Account?

After the trade license is issued, the next step is to open a bank account for the business in UAE. Along with incorporating a company in UAE, we provide our assistance in opening bank accounts in a swift manner through our good associations with the bank authorities.

10. What Are The Rules Governing Companies In Dubai And Procedures Of Hiring Employees And Their Termination?

Before coming to UAE, one must be aware of the hiring – termination trend regulations as per the UAE Labour Law and Commercial Companies Law. Our Attorney provides proper legal consultation regarding prevailing rules for business in UAE.

11. What Is The Cost Involved In Setting Up A Company?

The answer to this question depends upon the answers to all the above points. Generally, company incorporation cost revolves around three factors: license fee, additional approval fee, visa fee, and office rent.

And In Conclusion…

Having your business setup in UAE requires so much than the few key points listed above, but we hope the above list sets a sound stage for other resources you may need when setting up your business in Dubai.

Therefore, our handful of advice to all the entrepreneurs shall be to contact an experienced professional for this purpose. Our team of lawyers can assist you in providing a tailor-made solution after carefully reviewing all your needs.

For more information, or, in order to take our assistance in company formation, you can contact us at or you can call us at +97145547635.

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