UAE Labour Contracts – Unlimited & Limited


We discussed limited and unlimited contracts in Part I and Part II individually. Although many Dubai lawyers are familiar with UAE Labour Law, residents and companies can be unsure of their rights until they are forced to defend those rights in court. Though fundamental differences exist between limited and unlimited contracts, essential core similarities exist.

What Information Is Required For Both Limited And Unlimited Contracts?

No matter the type of contract, UAE Labour Law requires all employment contracts to contain certain information. Both limited and unlimited contracts must contain the following:

  • The date employment began
  • The type and place of work
  • The contract duration (if it is a limited contract)
  • The wage amount
  • The applicable probation period (from zero days to six months)
  • The applicable notice period (at least 30 days but no more than three months)
  • The amount of annual leave (at least 30 calendar days)

(UAE Labour Law, Articles 36, 37& 118)

Without this information, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiritisation or the Free Zone Authorities whether limited or unlimited, will not accept a contract.

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