UAE Parenthood Fundamentals

UAE Parenthood Fundamentals

Herein under, we will define the Nursery, Guardian and Custodian and then show the most important legal rules governing the nursery based on the Personal Status Law No. 28 of 2005. Finally, we will offer a judgment of the Cassation Court concerning the mother’s eligibility to have the children’s custody.

Children Custody

This is to save, educate and care for the child in a way that does not conflict with the guardian’s rights. 

The nurse should have mind, puberty, honesty, and the ability to raise, maintain, and save the child of serious infectious diseases and shouldn’t have been convicted in a crime of honor crimes.

In addition to the aforementioned conditions, if the woman is the nurse, she should be free of husband foreign for the child unless the court decides otherwise. The religion of the nurse should also unite with the religion of the child. Otherwise, her nursery shall lapse unless the judge estimates otherwise for the child’s interest. Still, her custody should not exceed his completion of five years, whether the child is male or female.

The general rule is that the mother shall have custody of her children during certain disputes unless the judge decides otherwise.

The custody of women shall come to an end when the male reaches eleven years old, and the female reaches thirteen years unless the court shall consider extending this age until the male attains puberty and the female getting married, for the interest of the child.

The guardian of the self (often the father) shall retain the child’s passport except in the case of travel; he should give it to the nurse.

The Guardianship is divided into two sections:

The Guardianship upon the self and Guardianship upon the money.

The Guardianship upon the self is taking care of everything related to the minor; supervising, maintaining, taking care, bringing, saving, directing, guiding, and preparing the minor. This includes the approval to marry. The Guardianship upon the self is up to the father, then the paternal relative by himself according to the order of inheritance.

The Guardianship upon money is the care, saving, management, and invest all items of the minor’s money.

The Guardianship shall come to an end when the minor becomes an adult. The Guardianship upon money is for the father alone, then for his guardian, if any, then to the right grandfather, then to his guardian, if any, and then the judge.


The father may choose to appoint a trustee upon his minor son. The Guardianship must be displayed upon the court to fix it. If there was no chosen trustee or right grandfather for the minor, the court should appoint a trustee.

The rule issued in 2009, rights.

The Court of Cassation judgment, Dubai – On 03/11/2009, appeal No. 2009/59 personal status appeal.

It is decided in the judgment of this court – as required by Article No. 142 of the Personal Status, Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 and what has been reported in the explanatory memorandum to that law – that the nursery is keeping, upbringing, and caring the child not contrary with the right of the self-guardian, and that the wise legislator has made the nursery in early childhood belongs the women’s affairs – because the child in this stage of his life needs their care.

As woman shall give him good and more care and that the mother in this first phase of childhood more mercy and be patient with her child and shall bear difficulties for the sake of his nursery. This means that the mother has the right to custody of her young son even without her request, as this is common sense that Allah has created. The mother could make an exception if she waived according to the mentioned below.

The legislator has confirmed the above mentioned in Article 146/1 of the law referred to prove the right to custody of the child to his mother. Accordingly, the judgment of this court came in the light of this article- and upon what was mentioned in the explanatory memorandum to the law, originally, that the nursery is a right for the child upon his parents, but it is their obligation as long as the marriage is existing.

If the parents have separated, the mother shall prioritize taking the nursery even from the father, so as long as she is fit and desires to take over the nursery. As this could be in the child’s interest and the best for him even if it is contrary to the interests of the trustee of the self, with its requirements as the nursery is the inherent right to the mother – even without asking, as previously noted.

This right shall be proved to the mother from the date of childbirth up to the date scheduled to be the end of the women’s validity in the nursery as decided by Article No. 156 of this law. Stipulating upon that the end of validity of women in nursery is when the male reaches eleven years and a female reaches thirteen years unless the court considers extending this age – for the interests of the child until the male has attained puberty and the female gets married– otherwise her custody shall be terminated for one of the reasons enumerated in Article No. 152 thereof by disruption of one of the conditions that were prescribed in the Articles No. 143 and 144 of the same law in the general custodian, which is insanity or losing the honesty and ability to educate, maintain and care of the child, or being infected with one of the serious infectious diseases, issuing a judgment against one of the honor crimes or if the women has married a foreigner to the child and has sexual intercourse with her unless the court estimates otherwise for the interests of the child or for religion difference to consider the provisions of Article No. 145 of this law or for any other reason prescribed by law.

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