Drunk driving accident lawyer

Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer In UAE​

Drunk driving is considered a severe and significant case of breaking the law in Dubai. The UAE law doesn’t determine a legal blood alcohol limit, as drinking and drunk driving are prohibited. The consequences of such a legal matter could include a comparatively long imprisonment. Moreover, your license may be withdrawn or taken away for two years. If a person is facing such a legal matter, the next step should be addressing a professional DUI (drunk driving), or accident lawyer, nearby. Our team of attorneys holds much legal knowledge in managing issues such as drunk driving successfully. They also possess extensive knowledge with a deep understanding of the UAE alcohol laws, which helps find a way out of the most challenging incidents.
The law prohibits laundering any assets if they are originally obtained by illegal means. It is considered to be a crime in the field of economic activity. What is the penalty for such operations in Dubai? How to protect your rights? How do avoid awful consequences? Our lawyers in money laundering will help you deal with all the difficulties and get the best possible results.

Drunk Driving Accidents In The UAE – Contact A Solicitor

Coping with a car crash is always stressful, whether you are a victim or a person who caused it. You need to deal with fixing damages, paying charges, or filing claims. So, the only way to make this process smoother and more comfortable is to contact an expert lawyer near you who can help you manage everything and then represent you in proceedings.
Our lawyers will do their best to protect your interests and fairly represent you in legal disputes, including those related to:

  1. Cars and motor vehicle;
  2. Pedestrians;
  3. Bicycling;
  4. Boating;
  5. Transportation.


If you need your legal representative to assist you in gathering insurance papers and working with an insurance company right away, it is also possible.

Consulting A Lawyer For Drunk Driving Accident In Dubai

Were you or somebody you care about unfairly accused? That’s the situation where an expert drunk driving accident lawyer comes in handy! Our lawyers will thoroughly examine and research your case to make sure they consider all the aspects and loopholes that be helpful and mitigate the legal consequences for you. They can carry out arbitration, represent you in court, and process the necessary paperwork correctly.

Drunk driving case lawyers in Dubai also possess extensive expertise in representing victims. In this type of accident, our attorneys can act as your legal advocates, protecting your rights. They make sure their clients, injured in such cases, get proper medical care and financial compensation for physical and moral problems.

Drunk driving accident lawyer

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