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Drunk driving legal actions have their complexities. Thus, practice shows that the appeal court cancels about 50% of all court decisions of the first instance. The reason is the violation of the right to defense and non-compliance of the procedure for establishing the fact of offense. At the same time, there is the risk of losing a driver’s license for at least six months, which brings difficulties. The defense of a drunk driving lawyer nearby will help prove the police’s illegal actions and protect your interests.

Criminal Liability

Dwi creates an increased danger for all road users. A fine and deprivation of a driver’s license for a certain period of time are provided as a punishment. If there is such an accident, the victim suffers moderate or severe injuries or a fatal outcome. The result depends on how serious the consequences are and the number of victims so that the offender can expect both a fine or forced labor and imprisonment.

Still, the violation includes both driving and a state of drug or alcohol intoxication. Therefore the existence of both circumstances should be proved. With affordable dui lawyers in the local area and reliable defense, you’ll get the solution to any circumstances.

Drunk Driving Lawyers Help

With the help of experienced attorneys, the chance of a happy end increases up to 90%.

In Dubai, you can save your rights in two ways:

  1. The judge dismisses the investigation due to the elements of a violation or the absence of an event. But it should be proven by a lawyer.
  2. The court closes the case due to the expiration of the time period. At this point, knowledge of procedural rules is essential, and dui attorney is the only chance to succeed.


Anyway, it is crucial to have relevant knowledge and understand the legal mechanisms to defend your rights. The participation of a drunk driving lawyer in the trial guarantees a full consideration of all the details to provide you with the best solutions.

Of course, when a person wants to save money, he goes to court on his own, but the outcome is the same – the offender is found guilty. Thus, only drink driving lawyers can help you get your driver’s license back.

DUI Lawyer Cost In UAE

We understand that some clients have trying times and strive to present them with the services as cheap as possible. Be sure that our DUI specialist provides a low cost, comprehensive, complete, and competent approach to the task.

Choose Experienced Drunk Driving Lawyer

Our specialists have extensive practical experience in the field of law, including work in law enforcement agencies and service companies. They are able to find a way out from the most challenging situations. We have won many cases, and we’re proud of a vast experience on our account, which allows dui lawyer to provide affordable support and take on even the most complex issues with confidence.

Besides, our attorneys in Dubai deal with legal action with strict confidentiality. From the moment of signing a cooperation agreement, the client’s problem becomes a common one. The resolution of this issue usually takes about three months, which is equal to the validity period of the temporary driver’s license. Thus, the sooner you appeal to a drunk driving lawyer, the better chances of success you get.

Drunk driving lawyer

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