Marital separation agreement lawyers

As lawyers with years of experience in family legislation in the UAE, we know how to make marital breakups as smooth and painless as possible. When new clients come to us for legal advice concerning a divorce, we always recommend getting a marriage separation contract. Our marital separation agreement lawyers in Dubai can help you draft a document that will make your divorce uncomplicated and fast.

Here are some of the advice top lawyers near you have if a marriage breakup is on the table and is inevitable.

Asset Division

When deciding how the assets are going to be divided, you need to consider the law. In the UAE, all family matters of Muslim citizens are governed by Sharia. So, if you are Muslim and considering a breakup, you need to ensure your settlement does not contradict the current legislation. Non-Muslim and foreign residents of the country can use the laws of their own country in this case.

When drafting your marital separation agreement, lawyers from our firm consider the following:

  • existing and the prospective income of both parties;
  • financial obligations and needs of both spouses, as well as the standard of living;
  • which assets you had at the beginning of your marriage, etc.


All the legal aid we provide is given in compliance with the Matrimonial Causes Act of 2015.

Children Custody And Social Security

If the divorcing couple has any minor children, who are under 18 years of age, it is crucial to include them in your settlement. Traditionally the mother is appointed as the Custodian, while the father becomes the Guardian. The father takes on the financial responsibility for the kids until they come of age.

Thus, in your marital separation agreement, lawyers will include information about the amount of financial support that will be allocated as well as their housing arrangements. According to Sharia law, children’s welfare is the highest priority, and our attorneys always guarantee your agreement complies with the legislation.

Get Legal Assistance In Dubai

If you live in Dubai and are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable family attorney nearby, contact us to get expert assistance. Due to years of practice and expertise, we know how to make such a disruptive and unsettling event as marital separation peaceful and beneficial to both spouses and their descendants.

Marital separation agreement lawyers

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