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It might seem that signing a contract before getting married means you are expecting your union not to last. However, according to any marriage lawyer, a prenup is a wise decision, and it is better to have one than not.

In this article, we will take a close look at what a prenup is. More specifically, we are going to look into how it is different for Muslim and non-Muslim residents of Dubai and how a qualified lawyer nearby can help you draw a fair deal.

What Is A Prenup?

Prenup is a contract (agreement) that a man and a woman sign before getting married. Alternatively, a couple may sign a postnup, which is basically the same but is signed after getting married. Traditionally, these specify what can be done in case of divorce and include:

  • a detailed plan of how the assets (money, real estate, etc.) are going to be divided;
  • the amount of spousal support;
  • where either of the spouses will live, etc.


As for the advantages of having a marriage contract, lawyers can name many. However, the biggest one is that in case of a break-up, the couple can avoid arguments. The marriage contract might considerably speed up the procedure leaving each party satisfied with the outcome.

Does Religion Or Country Of Origin Matter?

Even though Sharia Law governs all things related to marriage and divorce of Muslim citizens of the UAE, such contracts are not a part of it. Thus, in the UAE, a prenup is considered to be just a civil agreement, which has a binding effect. The most important thing to take into account is that it does not in any way contradict Sharia law. Otherwise, it is considered invalid during the divorce.

Non-Muslim residents have a choice to be divorced under the laws of their country of origin. So, prenups will be treated by the court accordingly.

Get Lawyer’s Help To Prevent Problems

Since no specific laws regulate prenuptial agreements in the UAE, it is crucial to hire a lawyer near you to avoid possible issues. Our marriage contract lawyers in Dubai have a profound understanding of Sharia law and always make sure your prenuptial contract does not disagree with it.

Contact us if you:

  • have children from a previous marriage;
  • know your future spouse has debt and want to protect yourself;
  • are about to inherit any assets;
  • want to protect yourself in case of separation;
  • or have any other specific inquiry about prenuptial agreements.

We are always open for consultations to answer your questions.

Marriage Contract lawyers

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