Marriage Divorce Lawyer

Ending a marriage in Dubai is a fairly straightforward procedure.

You can seek divorce for various reasons:

  • including adultery.
  • financial issues.
  • absence.
  • communication issues. etc.


We will look into the process of splitting up in Dubai both for residents of the country and foreign citizens.

Here we will also talk about how a marriage divorce lawyer can help you make the process fast, mutually beneficial, and smooth.

General Guidelines To Marriage Break-Up In The UAE

There are a few common steps that all country’s residents have to follow. You need to:

  • Register the case in the Family Guidance department;
  • Go through the conciliatory procedure with a conciliator assigned by the court (without their lawyers).
  • Agree upon an amicable divorce; or,
  • Get the referral letter from the conciliator and submit it to the court (within three months of its issue date).


Provided that both parties agree on ending their relationship amicably, the whole process may take just a few months. If, however, the case goes to court, it may take as long as a few years.

How Does The Judge Handle Your Divorce?

The actual process depends on your nationality, country of origin, or religion. Thus, Muslim divorce is governed by Sharia laws. They will be applied if both spouses or at least the husband are Muslim. A non-Muslim couple or foreign citizens have an option to file their case in the country where they got married or in the UAE. If they choose the latter, they might end their marriage under Sharia laws. However, they can also ask for the laws of their country to be applied.

Find A Qualified Family Lawyer In Dubai

When you decide to split up, you should contact a family solicitor nearby that specializes in family law before you start the procedure. Our lawyers will give you proper consultation on Sharia law, the procedure itself, and how you may end your marriage in the shortest term.
Our legal experts value the peace of mind of their clients most of all. Even though a marriage divorce lawyer will not be able to attend the reconciliation meetings, you should still discuss the settlement agreement in advance to speed up the process and help you get divorced amicably. It might include:

  • Your general strategy;
  • Division of assets and property;
  • Child custody and guardianship;
  • Alimony amount, and more.

If the case goes to court, our experienced legal representative can make a significant legal input to your case, making sure the most acceptable and fair agreement is reached.
Do not put off seeking legal assistance at the early stages of the process. The sooner you start working with a marriage divorce lawyer near you, the sooner you will get the result acceptable to both parties.
Please feel free to contact our specialised team for more information about family and divorce lawyer in UAE.

Marriage Divorce Lawyer

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