Due Diligence Property Purchase

Are you going to buy some property? Then its complete legal examination is what you need to avoid possible risks. When buying a real estate object, every potential client wants to be sure that there will be no lawsuits, assaults by third parties, or any problems in the future. To protect your money, a legal service such as real estate due diligence nearby is becoming increasingly popular.

What Is The Aim Of Due Diligence Process Real Estate?

The object verification procedure helps protect the buyer from all kinds of risks, whether it is overpayment or purchase of an object with “difficulties”. Thus, real estate due diligence allows avoiding pitfalls and securing investments.

During the examination of real estate, the analysis and detailed study are carried out according to several main criteria:

  • the history of the acquisition of immovable property by the owner, tracking the entire chain of transfer of ownership of the object;
  • due diligence documents real estate – checking all legal documents, the legality of real estate acquisition, etc.

When To Start Examination

Due diligence property purchase is carried out after the parties discussed the details, after the conclusion of a preliminary agreement, and before signing a formal sales contract. If during the audit it turns out that the object has problems, the buyer has the right to refuse the purchase and return the deposit if it has been paid.

During the analysis, the participation of several specialists is necessary(​​lawyers, attorneys, financiers, analysts) to draw up an objective comprehensive view of the actual state of the property. Thus, each of the specialists collects, systematizes, and analyzes the information received.

Other Cases When It Is Necessary

  • Selling your own business;
  • Acquisition of a ready-made or functioning business;
  • Organization of an enterprise abroad;
  • In the process of unification of companies;
  • To check the performance of the leading and subsidiary companies.


Based on the audit results, specialists in Dubai provide a detailed picture of the state of the company and future prospects. Such analysis is often necessary for investors to promptly make sure of the rationality of investments and owners of companies to adjust the development strategy.

Experienced Lawyers In UAE

We have tremendous experience in legal consulting and due diligence for real estate transactions in Dubai. Our specialists are professional lawyers and analysts whose fundamental goal is to protect the interests of the client. By ordering the services of our attorneys, you save time and ensure against all possible negative consequences.

Due Diligence Property Purchase

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