Estate Inheritance Law

What are the ways to get your asset? What things can you inherit? Is there taxation and what to do in case of disagreement between relatives? Let’s consider some key features of property inheritance law in Dubai to understand how to protect your rights.

Basic Statements About Estate Inheritance Law

To get all the possessions, a person must be an heir by law or by will.

In What Cases Inheritance By Legislation Occurs

  • absence of a probate or its invalidation
  • non-acceptance of heritage or refusal to accept it by testamentary heirs;
  • non-coverage of the entire estate by the will;


Besides, five lines of successors are determined by property inheritance law:

  1. children, the spouse who survived him, and the parents;
  2. brothers and sisters, grandmother and grandfather;
  3. uncle and aunt;
  4. people who lived with the testator as one family (at least five years);
  5. other relatives as well as dependents who were not members of his family.


What Can Be Inherited And What Can Not?

Each of the successors is liable for the legator’s debts within the value of the estate transferred to him. Still, they aren’t responsible for the rights and obligations closely linked with the testator’s personality, particularly the right to alimony, to compensation for harm caused to the life or health of a citizen. Personal non-property rights and other non-material benefits are also not part of the inheritance.

Taxation Of Asset

According to property inheritance law, what tax you need to pay depends on different possession types and degree of kinship. It is important to understand the process of taxation, because there are situations when the same category of people should pay different taxes on different types of possession, e.g., tax benefits for the legacy of movable and immovable property, etc. Experienced lawyers nearby can help you to understand tax rates depending on the type of property.

Disagreement On Fair Division Of Shares

A dispute between successors may arise if:

  1. the will does not contain an indication of the heirs’ shares in the inherited asset;
  2. one of the heirs by has a pre-emptive right to indivisible property (primarily real estate);
  3. the probate was drawn up by a devisor who was declared incapable or partially incapacitated (in this case, it is disputed).

Property Inheritance Law In UAE

We are ready to take on all the troubles associated with your estate in Dubai. An experienced lawyer will help you:

  • understand all the intricacies of property inheritance law near you;
  • enter into inheritance;
  • to restore the missed terms through the court;
  • in a judicial proceeding to establish the legal fact of acceptance of the heritage;
  • restore documents confirming relationship with the deceased.

Estate Inheritance Law

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