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Who pays and who doesn’t pay inheritance tax? What determines its amount and how to reduce it? Are there some additional fees? In general, the tax rate in Dubai is zero in most cases, but with some subtleties. Thus, we recommend appealing to an estate tax attorney nearby to avoid facing an unpleasant situation and remove uncertainty.

Key Facts You Should Know About Estate Taxes

Inheritage is the transfer of property from a deceased person (testator), to whom it belonged, to other people (heirs). The government considers it as profit (income).

With the help of a professional attorney, you can find out what things are usually taxed:

  • Real estate – apartments, houses, etc.;
  • Movable possession – cars, jewelry, etc .;
  • Commercial property – securities, intellectual or corporate rights, and others;
  • Insurance payments;
  • Monetary amounts – in banks or cash, mortgage certificates, and more.


So, material values ​​and goods can be assessed. If it is about big money, consultation of an experienced attorney is a must.

Inheritance Tax Rates – Lawyer’s Advice

Its amount varies from 5% to 20% of the estimated value of the estate. There is also a list of situations when tax is actually not paid, as an expert lawyer may tell you. Only reliable estate tax attorneys are able to sort out all the details and achieve the best results for you.

Respectable Estate And Tax Attorney In UAE

Inheritance is a rather complicated and long process, at various levels of which difficult and essential questions arise. Of course, the owner’s timely concern about distributing his fortune between his relatives could alleviate the entire severity of unpleasant incidents. But, as a rule, it is not possible to avoid every misunderstanding of a property nature without a conflict. If the circumstances in the heritage case do not unfold in your favor, contact lawyers near you and protect your rights.

Get Professional Help In Dubai

A good estate tax lawyer knows how to exercise the right of possession in court and is well versed in the notarial part of its registration. They will protect your interests under any conditions:

  • when it comes to legal acceptance of the inheritance or by will;
  • in the absence of any documents;
  • if there is more than one claimant for the property;
  • when the deadline for applying is missed;
  • in various unforeseen situations.

Estate Tax Lawyer

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