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If you have to deal with heritage, do not rush to imagine how you dispose of the new property without any attorney’s help. As practice shows, many legal problems await you, even if you are the only heir. If there is more than one successor, then hereditary disputes cannot be avoided.

In this case, you cannot succeed without professional inheritance lawyers nearby. Let’s consider common inheritance cases in Dubai.

Inherited Business

If you inherited a business, then getting the right to manage it is a complex and lengthy procedure. As a rule, heirs are not prepared for the problems awaiting them(taking over and managing a business, shareholder conflicts, and much more). It leads to bankruptcy or the transfer of the company to others. Our inheritance attorney can help you draw up documents to transfer a business by inheritage, take measures so that you become its legal owner, and make every effort to make the company generate income.

Preparation And Restoration Of Necessary Documents

There are situations when a person has the right to get heritage but cannot confirm it due to the lack of documents (lost or kept in other hands). To restore them, you need to make inquiries to the appropriate authorities. If it is not possible, there is only one way out – to file a claim for recognition of ownership of the possession that belongs to you by law. Our inheritance lawyers in Dubai can accelerate the process without effort.

Missed Terms Of Getting Asset

To apply for an estate, you must comply with the deadlines established by law. If the deadline is missed, then the inheritance may be refused. In some cases, the restoration of deadlines is a difficult task, only an attorney can do.

Help Of Inheritance Lawyers With Creating A Will

The will is one of the primary documents appearing in heritage disputes. Accordingly, drawing up probate requires the participation of experienced inheritance lawyers. Well-drafted testament prevents future hereditary disputes and other possible conflicts that usually arise if:

  1. the asset is taken by a person who does not belong to the heirs.
  2. the estate was distributed among several heirs, while there were people who were deprived of the inherited property but had the right to claim for it.
  3. the successors disagree that the inheritor receives the property of the testator by will.

Get Professional Attorney Consultation In UAE

The easiest way to resolve a hereditary dispute is through attorney consultation near you. The inheritance lawyers of our company always give detailed answers to your questions. Experience and reputation, we’re proud of, guarantee the best results.

Inheritance Attorney

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