Inheritance Dispute Attorney

Property disputes regarding the division of inheritance are a common cause of enmity between relatives. Emotional aspects in such situations interfere with a sober assessment of the problem. Therefore, not every person can deal with the intricacies of legal issues, but everyone wants to get a legal share in the estate. If circumstances suddenly lead to judicial proceedings, the support of an inheritance dispute attorney with successful practical experience is the main winning factor to draw up a will and accompany the acceptance of a heritage.

Inheritance Disputes

At some point, most of us are faced with a situation of legacy. Quite often, the time of paperwork coincides with a complex emotional state associated with the recent death. In such circumstances, the possibility of mistakes, wrong decisions, or simply inaction increases. Most common conflicts include such cases:

  • In addition to relatives, the list of heirs sometimes includes other people in the will.
  • Inheritance dispute attorneys in Dubai often resolve conflicts between half-sisters and brothers, common-law wives, and husbands.
  • Also, contradictions arise with the 4th line of inheritance applicants, the state, local authorities.


Not to miss the opportunity to benefit from possessions in full, you should follow a particular procedure.

When You Need An Inheritance Dispute Attorney

You’ll be surprised, but a hereditary conflict is possible even if you are the only heir. How’s that? Having missed the deadline for submitting the relevant application to the notary, you are deprived of the opportunity to get what you deserve by law. Thus, you need a lawyer in UAE to accompany you during litigation, as only a court decision provides an additional period to implement this step.

The lawyer also conducts heritage cases in connection with the following circumstances:

  • Partially or almost completely, there are no necessary documents (f. e., title to the testator’s property);
  • There is no certainty about the legality of the will (the authenticity of the testator’s signature or his mental state);
  • Inheritance applicants are recognized as unworthy.

Our Services

Contact Experienced Lawyers In Dubai

Specialists near you have a comprehensive judicial practice in legacy cases. Therefore, they may help to resolve lots of problematic issues that you may encounter. Inheritance dispute attorney can provide you with highly qualified law assistance at any stage of inheritance registration:

  1. Provide professional advice.
  2. Accompany the procedure of processing inheritance documents.
  3. Carry out activities for the pre-trial settlement of conflicts.
  4. Implement a detailed legal audit of the problem and develop the best action plan in your case.
  5. Collect the necessary documents and evidence for submission to the court.
  6. Form a trial legal position.
  7. Develop, send a statement (claim) to the court.
  8. Appeal against the illegal decision of the court.
  9. Ensure full turnkey support.

Our dispute attorneys provide an individual approach, a thorough study of the available materials and circumstances, and the development of the most effective and profitable strategy for resolving the issue.

Inheritance Dispute Attorney

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