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According to lawyers, there is hardly anything as complicated as the law of inheritance in the UAE. As with other legal issues, it is handled by Sharia law. It has specific regulations about how a Muslim’s and non-Muslim’s property is divided among the heirs unless they have a Will. However, the way the assets are divided might be contested by relatives of the deceased on various grounds. Qualified inheritance dispute lawyers are capable of assisting you with this issue.

We are going to have a look at what a Will is in Sharia as well as the most common grounds that can lead to a challenge. Also, learn how our lawyers in Dubai are able to help you handle the situation.

Wills In Sharia Law – Does It Help Avoid Disputes?

Sharia law does not deny Wills, but there are certain limitations regarding them. You must:

  • be at least 21 years old at the moment of writing;
  • prove that you were in sound mind at the time;
  • take care of young children (appoint a trustee and a guardian);
  • have the document notarized adequately.


The division of assets is usually done automatically according to the scheme written out in the legislation. In the case there is the last testament, a person can decide who the beneficiaries are going to be and how much they are going to receive.

When Might The Rights Of An Heir Be Challenged?

Lawyers for inheritance disputes often single out the following most common grounds. It does not matter whether there is a Will or not.

  1. The executor and their legal duties.
    If anyone suspects that the executor appointed by the testator fails to perform their duties properly, they may start a challenge.
  2. Beneficiaries’ identities.
    In the case of doubts about the identity of any of the beneficiaries specified by the testator, it also might be started.
  3. Beneficiaries’ rights.
    According to Sharia, only the blood relatives of the deceased have the right to inherit the assets. An heir’s rights may be disputed if the existence of such a relationship is questionable.

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How Lawyers Near You Can Help With Inheritance Issues

Whether you want to start a challenge or get assistance with resolving one, your safest bet is to contact an inheritance dispute law firm nearby. It is easy to miss important details, which might have a detrimental effect on your financial situation and general well-being.

Our lawyers in Dubai have helped a lot of people navigate the complex legislature. We have a keen eye for detail and put the contentment of our clients in the first place. Contact us if you are facing a dispute.

Inheritance Dispute Lawyer

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