Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

Inheritance disputes arise when there are two or more heirs, and there is no agreement between them on the division of the inherited property. The presence of unresolved conflict does not allow the applicants to carry out the registration of the heritage within a reasonable time, and the personal plans of the clients are ruined. As a result, possession rights belonging to one heir are subject to challenge by the other one. To solve all the possible problems faster, you should rely on professional inheritance dispute solicitors.

What To Do In Such A Situation

Registration of estate is a time-consuming and challenging process, both from a legal and emotional perspective. There are at least two ways to resolve inheritance disputes. The first way is appealing to inheritance solicitors nearby who can play the role of an arbitrator and explain to the parties their rights and obligations, the advantages and disadvantages of inheriting this or that possession without a trial. The second way is to resolve the disagreement in the court.

Professional Consultation Of Solicitors In UAE

Inheritance dispute is the leading area of our company. We resolve controversial issues, find the best solutions for each party, guided by the current legislation and personal wishes.

Types Of Inheritance Disputes In Dubai

Our specialists provide qualified assistance to clients who have difficulties:

  • associated with the omission of the term for entry into heritage.
  • arising from the desire to challenge the will.
  • disputes caused by the disagreement of the relatives regarding the distribution of the shares.
  • the need to establish the fact of inheritance.
  • challenging the actions of a notary.
  • determination of the number of legal heirs – the exclusion of unworthy ones, the inclusion of new persons who prove their rights to a particular share.
  • relating to the trust management of the inherited property.

Competence Of Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

The lawyer near you offers the following types of services:

  • consultations on any arising questions;
  • drawing up a claim and filing it in court;
  • representing the client’s interests in judicial process;
  • obtaining a decision by judge and challenging it in the event of an unsatisfactory outcome for the customer;
  • assistance in drawing up an amicable agreement.


Are you tired of the injustice and hassle? Do you think your relatives are using a dishonest scheme? Contact us, and we will help you get out of even the most complicated case with honor! Representing your interests, our inheritance dispute solicitors in Dubai carefully think over your legal position, select the optimal strategy and even decide how you should behave in court so that possible losses are minimal.

Inheritance Dispute Solicitors

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