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How Do Rental Laws In The UAE Work?

If you are in the middle of a landlord/tenant argument, chances are you need legal help in order to deal with the issues in the most effective manner. A rental dispute lawyer may represent both the tenant and the owner, helping the sides handle the case in the Dubai Rental Disputes Centre and reach an acceptable decision.

Here are the rights and responsibilities of both parties and everything you need to know about dealing with conflicts according to UAE laws.

Relationships between owners and tenants are regulated by means of a contract that must be registered in the Real Estate Regulatory Agency. Neither side is able to terminate this contract prematurely without the consent of the other and a prior (at least 3-month) notice is required in such a case.

The agreement has a basic outline of the rights and obligations of both parties and refers to Law No (26) of 2007, which regulates tenant/landlord relationships. If you are not familiar with the UAE laws and plan to rent an apartment for an extended period, seek rental agreement lawyersu2019 assistance for your rental rights explanation.

What Are The Rights Of Landlords And Renters?

As an owner, you have a right to expect that your tenant to:

  • pay their rent in full and in a timely manner;
  • respect and follow the contract;
  • use your residential property legally and not do anything that is prohibited by the agreement;
  • not provide accommodation to the people that are not part of the lease contract;
  • not inflict damage to the property.


Tenants on the other hand should expect the landlord to:
  • rent out the apartment in livable condition and maintain it throughout the lease period;
  • not increase the rent unless it complies with the Dubai rent increase law;
  • provide current repairs as specified in their contract;
  • receive your full security deposit back unless there was some violation on your part;
  • give you access to all essential services.


In case any of these rights are violated, the property owner or the renter can start a dispute. These can be long and consume time and money. A lease agreement lawyer will speed up the process and help you arrive at a mutually acceptable consensus.

Hire A Qualified Lawyer For Rental Issues Nearby

The job of a rental dispute attorney is to handle the case and help resolve all the issues in the most efficient way possible without wasting anyoneu2019s time and money. Conflicts are usually handled in a Rental Disputes Settlement Centre of your specific emirate. However, our attorneys can help you settle the problems before a need to go to RDSC arises.

So, if you want to find expert lawyers for landlords and tenants disputes near, contact us and get the best attorneys to work with you.

Rental Dispute Lawyer

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