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Most of the disagreements between a tenant and a landlord are going to be resolved amicably. However, when a peaceful settlement is out of the question, either party may start an argument in the Dubai Rental Disputes Centre. When it comes to rental property, lawyers can represent either side. In this article, we will look into the reasons you might seek legal assistance in these cases.

When Can Landlords Begin A Dispute?

As an owner, you may experience a number of issues with your tenants. They might:

  • Refuse to pay on time or disagree with the increase (provided that the pay rise itself does not violate the Dubai rent increase law);
  • Sublease your unit to another person without your confirmation;
  • Damage the rented place or anything that is there;
  • Engage in illegal activities in the unit, etc.


To solve these disagreements about the rental property, lawyers’ help is the safest and the best way to ensure everything is resolved.

When Can Tenants Begin A Dispute?

The reasons for a legal issue started by a renter are either financial or related to the quality of services provided. Thus, a landlord may:

  • Raise the payment without complying with the increase law;
  • Fail to provide proper maintenance or fix any damages, pest issues, etc.;
  • Hold back part of your security deposit without any grounds;
  • Shut off electricity, water, or any other essential services, and so on.


If you want to avoid long-term conflicts related to breaking law and court hearings, as a renter, you should consider finding a firm with qualified rental property lawyers.

Lawyers For Real Estate And Rental Disagreements Nearby

Whether you are a resident of the UAE with the property you want to let out on the lease, or a person who is looking for a place to live in Dubai, our team of knowledgeable solicitors is ready to help. We do not only provide professional assistance in court or outside of it (e.g., making and filling out necessary papers), but we will also help you avoid them altogether. Our lawyers near you provide assistance with tenancy contracts, allowing both sides to have confidence in their safety.

Rental Property Lawyer

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