Rental Solicitors

Rental disputes are among the most frequent causes of legal conflicts globally, especially in the UAE. A solicitor without special skills and experience in cases like that will never be able to cope with it successfully because of the changing laws and economic conditions. If residential disputes happen, it’s always better to address experienced rental solicitors nearby.

Our professional rental solicitors in Dubai are eager to provide you with the necessary consultation, legal support, and guidance on rental conflicts. Such cases are rather complicated to handle with the help of an expert specialized in rental legal aid in the UAE. Problems may be caused both by the side of the lessor and the lessee. So, both of them had better be aware of their rights and obligation before the contract is signed.

Common Rental Disputes In Dubai

Such legal issues usually arise between a tenant and a solicitor in the following situations and under certain conditions.

  1. The rent is not paid correctly.
  2. The demand of the rent deposit.
  3. Maintenance problems or defects of the property.
  4. Rise in the sum of rental payments.
  5. Sublease without previous agreement with the landlord.


If you can’t reach a peaceful settlement of such conflicts and any communication means don’t help, it’s time to file an official complaint with the Rent Disputes Settlement Centre (RDSC). RDSC holds all the hearings connected with property disputes. The center is focused on resolving legal issues between land tenants and landlords. It is empowered to consider rental conflicts and manage them professionally to guarantee transparency and justice. In case you experience difficulties gathering documents or starting a dispute, don’t hesitate to contact a rent disputes specialist.

When To Address Rental Solicitors In Dubai?

Our team has made the delivery of services quicker and more convenient, still maintaining a top quality level. Rental solicitors are always in line with the jurisprudence of the country’s real estate law. Therefore, they will provide you with detailed information concerning all the UAE laws, making sure you understand everything and are informed about the possible legal loopholes that can be either negative or beneficial for your case.

We also cooperate with real estate solicitors to guarantee that you will get the best service and your puzzling situation will be resolved fast and with positive outcomes. Professional rental solicitors can explain the rights of the parties and try to decrease the chance of conflict. We represent our clients at any stage of the process, including claims and court hearings.

Rental Solicitors

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