Frequent Asked Questions

Important Things You Should Know

What types of legal services does your firm offer?

Our firm offers a wide range of legal services, including but not limited to corporate and commercial law, employment law, real estate law, intellectual property law, and dispute resolution.

Can your firm help me with a legal dispute in Dubai?

Yes, our firm has extensive experience in handling legal disputes in Dubai and can provide representation in court as well as out-of-court dispute resolution.

Does your firm have experience with UAE labor laws?

Yes, our firm has a team of experienced lawyers who specialize in UAE labor law and can provide advice and representation on all aspects of employment law.

Can your firm help me with setting up a business in Dubai?

Yes, our firm can assist with all aspects of setting up a business in Dubai, including company formation, sponsorship and licensing, and compliance with local regulations.

Does your firm offer legal services in languages other than English?

Yes, our firm has a team of multilingual lawyers who can provide legal services in various languages including Arabic, Hindi, French and many more.

How does your firm handle client confidentiality?

Our firm takes client confidentiality very seriously and has strict policies in place to ensure that all client information is kept confidential.

Why Should I Choose AWS Legal Group?

We are honor-bound to protect your rights to the fullest extent, and consider doing so a sacred duty. As such, you will find our level of care, attentiveness, transparency, and skill wholly unmatched, while ensuring you attain the best possible outcome for your case.

How Long Have You Been In Operation?

We have been operating in the UAE for over 20 years, and in the Middle East for over 30.

Where Can I Contact You?

You may get in touch with us here:
Phone: +971 4 332 5928
Day: Monday- Friday

Dubai: 1602. The H Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road
Abu Dhabi: 2403, Tamouh Tower, Marina Square

What Kind Of Cases Do You Handle?

We handle an extensive variety of cases, including criminal, civil, construction, real estate, and family law. Please refer to [link to Practice Areas] for the full list.

How Will I Be Kept Informed About My Case?

We will regularly update you as per your convenience via call, text, or email. We also provide updates as they are received from the courts, as well as upon client request.

Does Negligence Excuse Liability?

Generally, “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”. This is especially true in cases of gross negligence.

How Does The Judge Handle Your Divorce?

The actual process depends on your nationality, country of origin, or religion. Thus, Muslim divorce is governed by Sharia laws. They will be applied if both spouses or at least the husband are Muslim. A non-Muslim couple or foreign citizens have an option to file their case in the country where they got married or in the UAE. If they choose the latter, they might end their marriage under Sharia laws. However, they can also ask for the laws of their country to be applied.

What Punishment Exists For Driving Under Influence In Dubai?

Since the law absolutely prohibits it, regardless of whether you are a resident or a tourist, the punishment is quite harsh. You might expect:

The only two ways you are able to make it less harsh exist. As a Non-Muslim resident or tourist, you have the possibility to get an alcohol permit. Or, especially if you have a commercial license (CDL), DUI lawyers.

What Is The Aim Of Due Diligence Process Real Estate?

The purpose of the object verification process is to safeguard the buyer from various types of risks, such as paying too much or acquiring a property with issues. It is a way for the buyer to obtain as much information as possible about the property and its condition, in order to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the purchase. The due diligence process typically includes reviewing legal documents, inspecting the property, and conducting various tests and assessments to determine the condition of the property and any potential issues that may affect its value. The goal is to identify any potential risks or problems that could impact the value of the property, so that the buyer can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the purchase. By conducting real estate due diligence, buyers can avoid potential problems and protect their investments.

What Will Your Legal Services Cost Me?

Fees will vary depending on the services you opt for. Please contact us for detailed inquiries

What Are The Differences Between Civil And Criminal Cases?

A civil case is filed by a private party, such as a corporation or an individual, against another private party. On the other hand, a criminal case is filed by the government, or the Public Prosecution in the UAE’s case, and is marshaled by a prosecuting attorney.

Can I Pay In Instalments?

We are generally willing to take your needs into account, and determine this on a case-by-case basis.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

We accept cash, credit card, cheque, bank transfer, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains) payments.

What Is Attestation?

Attestation is one of the many services we offer. Attestation, or legalization as it is also referred to, is a procedure done by a third-party to acknowledge the authenticity of a document. Signing the document verifies that the involved parties followed the appropriate procedure in producing the formal document.

Are You The Right Law Firm For Me?

Our Litigation and Consultation Department has lawyers well versed in various laws and often work together synergistically. They are qualified to handle the entire spectrum of law with over 60 years of cumulative experience. We are also proficient in multiple languages including but not limited to English, Arabic, Mandarin, Russian

How Will I Be Kept Informed About My Case?

Our team consists of an operations team dedicated to provide client support. They will keep in touch with you constantly to keep you updated with the case and listen to all your grievances.

Do I Really Need An Attorney?

Whether you’re going through a divorce, making a business deal, or preparing to face a judge in court, this is one of the first questions you’re going to ask. Needless to say that the services lawyers provide are not cheap. However, not having a lawyer may cost you more than handling your legal matter without the help of an attorney. Lawyers have the experience, resources, and knowledge to fight for the best outcome for their clients. Hence, when the stakes are high, hiring a good lawyer is definitely worth your money.