Civil Lawyers in Dubai

Civil Lawyers in Dubai

Civil Law

AWS Legal Group’s legal teams offer a wealth of knowledge and skill, effectively navigating the nuances behind civil Law, whether among private individuals or disputes between individuals and organizations. Civil Law differs from criminal Law in that it deals with non-criminal charges such as not paying rent or breaking a contract. Civil Law mainly deals with issues related to rental agreements, collecting debt, warrants and negligence. Civil Law typically has interests in landlord and tenancy agreements, debt collection, contracts, or corporate negligence.

Civil Lawyers in Dubai

Civil Law is enacted at the federal level in Dubai and the wider UAE. However, laws also vary between each of the emirates. These devolved powers mean civil laws differ depending on location. Different cities and areas in the country require slightly different approaches and areas of expertise.

At AWS Legal Group, our clients benefit from the vast experience of our civil lawyers across the UAE. Our amicable, skilled attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of civil Law. They are dedicated to providing the best legal advice in Dubai and beyond. As such, we are well-suited to providing legal assistance to local clients with international civil disputes and overseas clients.

We can advise and support civil litigation via a range of measures:

Why Choose Our Civil Law Services?

AWS Legal Group is a leading provider of legal services for civil matters in Dubai. Our team of civil lawyers in Dubai help clients understand and navigate the legal system and achieve their goals. We provide personalized solutions and high-quality support.

In addition to our civil law services, AWS Legal Group offers a range of other legal services, including intellectual property law, labour law, maritime Law and wills registration. Our team of lawyers is committed to delivering exceptional legal services to clients and helping them achieve their goals.

If you are looking for expert ADR lawyers in Dubai, look no further than AWS Legal Group. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you resolve your disputes quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Professional Services Include:

As one of the premier civil legal firms in Dubai, at Abdulla Alsuwaidi Advocates, we take the time to fully understand the needs of all our clients. We offer initial consultations, ongoing advice and support during a civil law dispute, and legal representation where required. We offer the following civil services:

Civil Law

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