About Us

“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.

Henry Ward Beecher


Message from Our Founder & Chairman

“As a third-generation lawyer, the profession of Law is a sacred one, wherein we lawyers are bestowed with the duty to protect the rights of the people. At AWS, we value this duty and take it very seriously.

We combine our knowledge, skills and experience to shield each client’s interests with strength and honesty, extending our services beyond our obligations to ensure client satisfaction. My team and I strive to elevate our firm to a position where AWS sets the gold standard for legal assistance and establishes a legacy to last centuries.”

As our firm became successful, thanks to the intelligent decision-making and changes implemented by the team, we added an array of prominent lawyers from various backgrounds and ethnicities.

We renamed our firm first to Al Suwaidi Advocates & Legal Consultants and then to AWS Advocates & Legal Consultants with the association of Suhad Al Jaboori. With offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we grew our operations across UAE with over 20 lawyers, all of whom put their utmost efforts towards providing the best legal services to our clients.”

AWS M. Younus
Founder of Aws Legal Group

Instated initially under the name Hammurabi, author of the first legal code in history, AWS Legal Group traces its origins back to 1999. We owe our success to our expert team of highly specialized legal consultants in Dubai, UK and MENA regions. We pride ourselves on our quality, cost-effectiveness, and timely results.

Established with the three core principles of integrity, in-depth specialization, and reliability, our records clearly show how deeply we value these tenets. As a result, we operate with complete transparency and exclusively in the best interests of our clientele.

Catering with Integrity

Our top-notch legal services are handled with integrity and devotion. We gladly take up the mantle of nurturing a positive and diverse workforce that diligently strives to benefit our environment, firm, and clientele.

Security & Reliability

Our expert team is dedicated to prompt and transparent communication regarding all queries, updates, and points of concern throughout the entire legal process.

Specialized Departments

Our high-performance firm, boasting a long-established record of winning cases, functions through our specialized task force catering to the full spectrum of commercial and corporate matters with regional and international clients.

Our Vision

To establish AWS Legal Group as the go-to entity for a variety of professional services and business purposes, setting the industry benchmark for all other entities in a multitude of legal fields to follow in terms of quality, value, and customer-oriented service.

Our Mission

To offer a veritable wealth of legal services at peerless levels of quality through our unmatched standards and highly competitive prices, with the intent of providing the most significant value to our clients and creating lasting and meaningful relationships for future endeavours.

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