Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence

If you are looking into the opportunities of investing in business property in Dubai, you are advised to never skip the due diligence step. It is a complex procedure of checking whether the investment is “worth it”. You would need to inspect the physical, financial, and legal aspects in order to make the money you expect. We are going to look into the best ways commercial real estate due diligence might be performed.

Physical Inspection Of Investment Property

These inspections are best performed by special commercial real estate due diligence companies that have all the necessary tools, qualified people, and experience carrying out such checks. Your ultimate goal is to find out whether the building itself has any issues that might drain your money and resources in the future. These may include:

  • Faulty or broken systems (like HVAC, water, electricity, etc.);
  • Problems with the building itself (issues with the foundation or roof);
  • Exterior or interior works, etc.

Financial Evaluation Of The Property

Best done by accountants with experience in providing commercial real estate due diligence services, the financial assessment of real estate should show you the exact numbers. Look very carefully into how much money is spent and earned, carefully examine every financial statement, bill, and receipt.

A qualified and experienced accountant builds a proper strategy for the evaluation. They will also be able to give you a prediction of what you expect to be earning in the long run.

Legal Investigation By Expert Attorneys In Dubai Near You

To conduct the legal aspect of commercial property due diligence, you need to have lawyers who specialise in the corresponding laws of the UAE. We have expert lawyers nearby who can do a proper legal assessment for you. This includes:

  • Identifying issues with insurance;
  • Reviewing any tenant or renter leases;
  • Examining all the contracts and warranties associated with the investment;
  • Looking for any related ongoing disputes or criminal trials, etc.

We have developed a straightforward procedure to ensure nothing is missed to help you make an informed choice concerning commercial real estate due diligence and give you peace of mind.

Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence

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