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Acceptance of property is a rather complicated procedure. Especially when it comes to a situation where the heir missed the deadline, which, as you know, is six months after the death of a person and consequently lost any rights to the inherited property. It is also known that only a court can restore a missed period. In the consultation, our inheritance recovery attorneys in Dubai will consider the situation and decide whether the grounds of missing are valid.

In What Cases You Can Appeal

The court will determine an additional period only if it considers valid reasons for its omission. We mean objective, insurmountable and significant difficulties. The following are considered good reasons:

  • long-term illness;
  • the prolonged absence of the heir in the country;
  • being in places of deprivation of liberty;
  • staying in urgent military service, etc.


The judicial practice has so far determined what cannot be recognized as valid, in particular, the following causes of missing the closing date of the possessions acceptance:

  • old age;
  • not knowing about the presence of hereditary property;
  • ignorance of the existence of a will;
  • legal ignorance of the applicant regarding the term and procedure of possessions adoption.

What Documents Are Required

Filing a statement of claim for the restoration of the missed deadline for accepting the estate, you need:

  • statement of claim;
  • testator’s death certificate;
  • documents confirming the fact that the causes of missing the acceptance of the estate are valid;
  • documents confirming the right of inheritance;
  • other documents confirming the arguments set out in the statement of claim.

Legal Assistance Of Inheritance Recovery Attorneys In UAE

Our inheritance recovery attorneys have extensive and successful experience in such cases. They will gladly help you achieve restoration of the missed deadline for receiving the legacy due to the lack of information on the testator’s death or other valid reasons (illness of the heir, having a business trip, etc.). The work of lawyers nearby includes the following services:

  • legal advice (unlimited)
  • study and analysis of the documentation provided by the client
  • development of a legal position on a case
  • collection of necessary evidence confirming the validity of the missing time limit
  • drawing up and filing a statement of claim
  • participation of inheritance recovery attorneys in the client’s interests during the entire trial.

These are just the main points that should be taken into account when resolving such disputes in court. That is why we recommend contacting the law office near you and getting necessary help. Our professional inheritance recovery attorneys in Dubai guarantee high-quality legal drafting and full support in court.

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Inheritance Recovery Attorney

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