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Your life turned upside down, and the divorce process doesn’t bode well? In case of divorce, one partner will have to pay spousal support to the other partner. Our alimony lawyers understand that you may not be ready to get engaged in such financial contributions. They can assist you with divorce legal and financial issues both as the payor or the recipient.

Let’s consider what alimony is and why it’s essential to contact a professional alimony law firm near you.

What Is Alimony?

It is a certain amount of money an ex-wife may get for living from an ex-husband or vice versa. This type of payment is meant to maintain the spouse’s lifestyle and financial state before the divorce. The sum is usually defined on a case-by-case basis in the court.

Why Would Ex-Spouse Pay After Marriage?

The answer is simple – because of justice. Unlike child support, which is a mandatory payment to provide for child’s needs, no one is guaranteed alimony. However, what if people sacrificed their social life or job opportunities for family and got nothing in return? They deserve at least some time and money support to reach the same income and standard of living.

Alimony Attorneys In Dubai – Your Lifeline

There is no guarantee that you’ll get the necessary spousal support, but with the assistance of professional counselors, your chanсes to succeed will double. If you feel your ex-spouse is demanding too much alimony, the divorce advocate is also there to help.

What To Expect

An alimony attorney can:

  • point out and calculate the precise alimony amount you’re comfortable with (both for those who pay or get support)
  • help you change the terms of the agreement
  • make your partner contribute financially up to the agreed sum of money

Critical Factors For Lawyers To Consider

Due to specific circumstances, the court decides whether the ex-spouse deserves money for support. The following questions to answer are how much and for how long the financial aid will be provided.

Thus, the court should consider the following factors:

  • the financial and physical condition of both spouse;
  • the time needed to return to the habitual lifestyle (i.e., to find a stable source of income);
  • duration of the marriage;
  • reasons for divorce, etc.


Besides, attorneys work with three common alimony types: temporary support during a divorce, a short-term one for adjusting to new life, and long-term financial aid.

Contact Alimony Lawyers In UAE

Being sure that we have finally found “the one” doesn’t change the fact that we can’t predict the future and should get accustomed to current realities, even if they involve separation.

If such a situation happens, the help of expert attorneys nearby would be difficult to overestimate. Moreover, a qualified lawyer from Dubai with experience in this area can assess an entire situation and suggest the best solution for those who pay and those who receive alimony payments. Rest assured that a highly qualified attorney will help resolve the issue faster and stress-free.

Alimony Lawyers

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