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Divorce is the official end of your matrimony. Then what does an annulment stand for? Getting it in terms of the law equals the fact that de jure union has never been contracted. The main thing this process demands is proof that a union between spouses has never been legally valid. At this point, a professional marriage annulment lawyer with comprehensive experience can be helpful.

Basic Concepts Of Marriage Annulment

For some clients, revocation and divorce seem equal. Actually, there is an essential difference between these two concepts, UAE expert marriage annulment solicitors can explain to you. Divorce is the juridical process of ending matrimony, while annulment by a court indicates that it was never legally valid.

Reasons, why you could prefer revocation to the divorce may have different grounds, including religious and cultural. Professional lawyer in Dubai may inform you that to get this form of cancellation of your matrimony, it must be considered ‘void’/’voidable.’

Marriage Annulment Solicitors’ Advice – Void Vs. Voidable

Void Cases

The first grouping comprises unions, which were never legally valid (since their start). For instance, when one of the partners (or both) was under 16, a spouse was already in an official partnership with some other person, or partners are proven to be close relatives.

If some of these points are applied to your legal relationship, you should just consult one of the experienced marriage solicitors nearby. With a professional solicitor’s legal help, the cancellation process is always faster and more comprehensive.

Voidable Cases

Situations when matrimony can be declared voidable include those when:

  • It wasn’t completed or authorized because of the unwillingness or physical/ mental inability of spouses.
  • It was compulsory, forced by third parties, or influenced by mind-altering substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.). In such a case, a marriage annulment lawyer will primarily ask you if you (or your partner) consented to the wedding voluntarily or were affected by some other conditions.
  • A woman was pregnant by some other man, with her legal partner unaware of it.
  • A partner had a contagious STD.

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Should I Necessarily Turn To Solicitors To Start?

If you are ready to start the marriage cancellation, step one is to contact a specialist lawyer near you. The only thing you should do is share necessary details making the spousal union void. Our lawyers will also clarify the facts to discover if the annulment is possible.

If both spouses consent, the juridical process will be easy and fast, especially with an experienced lawyer’s help. What if one party is against? Then our solicitor will collect evidence and build a case. So do not doubt our licensed UAE lawyers’ ability to meet the challenge and handle your problem.

Marriage Annulment lawyer

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