Spousal Support

Divorce is always tricky, but what now seems like a disaster could be the beginning of a new happy story. Of course, this process is not supposed to be resolved in one day. So you’d better save nerves and accept everything that has happened as irrevocable. But what to do if you can’t move on and start a new life because you’re dependent on your ex-partner? We offer you to consider what spousal support is and why it’s essential to contact professional spousal support lawyers near you.

What Is Spousal Support?

It is financial assistance from one spouse to another paid after a divorce. Thus, alimony can be paid both monthly and as a one-time payment.

Are There Any Responsibilities After Marriage?

When a relationship ends, one of you might be better financially secure than the other, resulting from the division of duties during life together. For example, if you stayed at home and raised children, you couldn’t earn as much money as your spouse, or you could go to a low-paying job to allow a spouse to get an education and get a higher-paying job. In such cases, a lawyer can help you get material assistance after breaking up.

What Happens If The Ex-Spouse Doesn’t Pay?

Sometimes the payer is late with the payment or misses it. Have a look at some of the measures a professional spousal support law firm is capable of taking:

  • oblige the employer to deduct the necessary amount from his/her salary;
  • try to withdraw the required amount from his/her bank account;
  • force to pay by temporarily suspending driver’s license or other types of permits.

Critical Factors For Spousal Support Lawyers To Consider

To determine fair support payments terms, lawyers take into account such factors as:

  • income;
  • time spent in marriage;
  • distribution of financials in a couple;
  • childcare responsibilities;
  • marriage contract.

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There is no guarantee that you’ll get the necessary, but with a professional lawyer’s assistance, everyone has a chance to succeed. After all the points we’ve discussed, the help of expert attorneys nearby would be difficult to overestimate.

Contact spousal support lawyers in Dubai to protect your rights and deal with family law issues as soon as possible.

Spousal Support

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