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There are several ways a marital relationship can end. The primary ones comprise divorce, annulment, dissolution, and, in some way, legal separation. Dissolution of marriage is not a general term referring to all the options mentioned above but a separate legal procedure. It does not imply any partner’s fault. In contrast, wrongdoing should be necessarily filed for starting a divorce. A professional dissolution of marriage lawyer in Dubai can consult you concerning types of marriage termination in a straightforward and informative way.

Dissolution Of Marriage Attorney’s Advice

There other core principles, which make these two types of termination so different.

  1. The first one implies matrimony with a comparatively short duration.
  2. Suppose a couple has any children born or adopted during the legal relationship and a spouse (or both partners) does not give up the right to have children alimony or spousal support. In that case, only the divorce variant is available.
  3. Dissolution requires possessing no property together.


Moreover, if legal dissolution is supposed to occur, both spouses need to be able and willing to attend a court hearing. If just one partner can participate in a final hearing, the other option is referable to you – the uncontested divorce.

Ensure A Calm Separation With Lawyer’s Help

Engaging a dissolution-of-marriage attorney, experienced in UAE Family Law Act and knowledgeable in local Sharia law will guarantee a clear and juridically proper separation. Rest assured that with an expert lawyer’s help in Dubai, you will be reasonably protected in terms of the law.

Expert Lawyer’s Consultation On Marriage Termination

So, as you see, dissolution has stricter requirements, though it is usually a more straightforward process. It enables processing quickly and ending your matrimony with no time- and money-wasting. An attorney near you may claim that his method is suitable for couples who are separated and live in different countries or distant regions.

Do you want to know more or need a detailed explanation of the matrimony termination way, which suits your case more? Consult an experienced dissolution of marriage attorney nearby and get professional advice fast and up to a point!

With just some fundamental data received during an initial interview and a completed short questionnaire, our UAE lawyers will be capable of drafting a suit or an agreement explicitly tailored for your situation.

Dissolution of marriage lawyer

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